performance panties, hypoallergenic


The eco-friendly bamboo fibers don’t irritate the skin. Gentler than many manmade fibers, bamboo is a natural solution for those with sensitive skin.



Our bamboo is an eco-friendly, sustainably-sourced bamboo and is not related to that super aggressive bamboo in your neighbour’s yard that is tearing up your fence.


Breathable and thermo-regulating

Stay comfortable whatever the weather; keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter and damn sexy year-round.



These panties are aggressively antibacterial – We were thinking of you, sweaty dude at the gym that doesn’t wipe down his equipment.


Made in Canada: we support, Canadian businesses by having ALL of our panties manufactured locally. We work closely with our manufacturer to ensure every pair of panties is perfect – every stitch, every seam is meticulously inspected to ensure our customers get the best quality pair of underwear they’ve ever owned.

What makes our underwear unique?

We are the only company focused solely on designing the perfect performance underwear for athletes.  Our panties were designed to perform better under stress than any other panties out there! Our panties are also made domestically in Canada by a local manufacturer. This allows all our panties to be rigorously inspected by our team to ensure every stitch is perfect and that customers get the highest quality underwear they’ve ever owner.

Performance Panties are made from a unique fabric that is comprised primarily of bamboo – which is breathable and thermo-regulating, keeping athletes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This fabric is soft and silky for a comfortable, yet supportive fit. This bamboo fabric is anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic and moisture wicking – all great features for high-performing, perspiring athletes.

Premium Bamboo Quality

Eco-Friendly and Sustainably Sourced


Eco-Friendly and Luxurious

Hypoallergenic and Breathable


Its Not Pink - Performance Panties