Performance Panties – Made In Canada


Performance Panties – Made in Canada

When’s the last time you picked up a piece of clothing and read the words ‘Made in Canada’? It has become a rarity. These days most articles of clothing and especially underwear are made in countries where labour is cheap. Instead of outsourcing our production we decided to keep our manufacturing within Canada by working with a local and well established custom clothing manufacturer.

To produce what we believe are the industry’s highest quality performance underwear, we needed to have full control and oversight over production. By working with a reputable and experienced manufacturer who our team can meet with on a weekly basis it allows us to have an unmatched level of quality control.

We love supporting local Canadian business and appreciate our customers who trust our goods to protect their goods.

Performance Panties are meticulously inspected throughout multiple steps of the production process – material delivery, stage 1 production, stage 2 production, final product and again before the Performance Panties are shipped to customers. We go so far as to have our entire warehouse team wear gloves before handling any panties that are getting shipped to customers. These Performance Panties are then professionally wrapped in tissue paper and packed into a soft touch, jewelry inspired package before being shipped to our customers.

This level of attention to detail, quality assurance, unsurpassed craftsmanship and world class service would simply not be possible if we did not manufacture our products locally in Canada.

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