Why I Love Performance Panties for Summer and Winter Exercise

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As an extremely active person I need athletic underwear that can keep up to my busy lifestyle. In winter I’m either skating, hiking or on the mountain snowboarding. Contrast to winter, in summer you can find me outdoors doing any number of outdoor activities and workouts.

I love hiking in the beautiful British Columbia Canada mountains or hitting up the lake for some water sports. Not only is it great to get outside and away from the busy city, but it’s fantastic way to get your workout in. Yes, I still hit up the local gym every day to get my weight training in, but outdoor cardio is one of my favourite things about summer. It’s safe to say the very last thing I want to be thinking about is my panties!

Training with crazy intensity from 1 to 3 hours per day can take a toll on fabric. I want clothe that will stand the test of time and that’s why I only invest in the highest quality workout brands. I’ve tried going cheap before, but every time I was disappointed that it wouldn’t last long.

Performance Panties keep me warm during the winter and breathe perfectly in the summer with their moisture wicking bamboo fibre.

They don’t ride-up and give wedgies like many athletic underwear brands, which makes wearing them a no brainer for active people. Now that I’m hooked I tell everyone I know they must try a pair.

Even better, get one for your swolemate, it’ll make a world of difference in and outside the gym!

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