Why Was Performance Panties Created?



Why was Performance Panties created?

No other underwear company focuses 100% on the specific needs of today’s athlete.   At Performance Panties, we are all athletes – we’ve experienced the pain of the leg ride-up, the post wash glute sag, and the painfully uncomfortable glute-munching. Performance Panties perfect technology fabric will contour to any shape or size, hold its spot on your body comfortably and retain its original shape every single time.  It also just happens to be one of the softest, moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial material ever created.

Where is your underwear designed?

All of our underwear is designed and made in Canada by athletes, for athletes!

What materials do you use?

We use a special combination fabric that is comprised mostly of bamboo (over 66%) along with cotton and spandex. Bamboo is unique for several reasons: 1) It is fully sustainable and requires no pesticides and very little irrigation to grow. 2) It is breathable and thermos-regulating. 3) More absorbable than competitor fabrics and dries very quickly. 4) It is hypo-allergenic and doesn’t irritate the skin. 5) It is aggressively anti-bacterial. 6) It is supremely soft and still machine washable.

What country are these manufactured?

We proudly support local, Canadian business by having ALL of our panties manufactured here in Canada! Hand-stitched in Richmond, British Columbia. This means we can work closely with our manufacturer to ensure every pair of panties are perfect. Every stitch, every seam is meticulously inspected to ensure our customers get the best quality pair of underwear.


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